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A detailed history of the hang drum

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016

hang-drumIf you are up to date in the musician field then surely you can heard about the hang instrument and in this instrument inspiration comes from the steel pans. In traditional steel pan is called as hang instrument but they are using some sort of technology to this instrument. The name “hang” comes from the Bernese German word which is known as the hand. When it comes to the playing method of this instrument then it is played by hands so it is called as the hang instrument. This instrument consists of the two hemispheres of the steel which similar to the 2 woks. But the steel is thicker than the woks but however the music is created by the gas nitrating and the two pieces are looks like the UFO.

To know about the hang drum

Hang drum is the misnomer for the musical instrument which is called as the hang and it is pronounced as the Hong or hung. The sound sculpture has the unique UFO shape which is the result of sticking two half shelves. The inside of the drum is empty and the outside of the tone and note fields hammered into it. Basically the top shell center note is covered by the 7 to 9 tone fields. Most of the people things hang is the drum but it not the true one because the drum is the goblet or cylindrical shaped instrument which is covered at the one end tightly. So if you are thinking drum and hang is same then it is absolutely wrong and it is designed based on the steel pan. So if you are looking to buy this hang drum in online then there are plenty of websites are offering this instrument. There are different models are there each having the unique ability to create the music. But you have to use your fingers rather than ballets then only you can get the overtone music properly. Continue reading “A detailed history of the hang drum” »