Classic - Ryder is not happy with the outcome of events.
Last Jungle In Sector 17 is a top-down space shooter. It tells a story of a spacecraft pilot Ryder and his associate, an advanced artificial intelligence - Johnny. Together they must struggle for survival on a forgotten space station. Latter being their only home and shelter in the vast expanse of space, unfortunately also the main target of the enemy.

They start out with nothing but a single fighter craft, though as the events progress they gain access to defense turrets, tactical structures, allied crafts (piloted by Johnny) and different upgrades. All of that gives them some edge against an enemy who's strength is mainly in numbers, but also in crafts specifically designed for destruction and obliteration.

In ljis17 the player can choose between many play styles and stick with whichever suits him best, but in the end, the only path to success is a well thought out strategy.
  • Arcade style space shooter combined with RTS style base building.
  • Zero gravity open space 2D environment.
  • Huge space battles (500 crafts) through the use of boids.
  • Unique enemy AI able to use formations in attack, ability to foresee target's future position, decision making - either to keep attacking or retreat and regroup (fight-or-flight response).
  • Different defense turrets and tactical structures.
  • Various allied and enemy units with special abilities like teleportation, EMP wave, kamikazee...
  • Upgrades for hero unit (the player's craft), allied units, turrets and the main base.
  • In addition to in-game dialogue there are manga/comics style story sections.
  • Choose your play style type of gameplay.




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