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Q4 2013

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Last Jungle In Sector 17 is a new take on the traditional top-down view space shooter with added RTS elements, some of the games it relates to are Subspace, Star Control and classic Asteroids.


The game is developed by a two man international team, Lennart Rikk from Estonia as designer and animator and Tariq Makled from US as programmer. There are some smaller games they both have worked on before, but Last Jungle In Sector 17 is their first true step into the growing indie scene.

Lennart tells how it all started: "About 6 years ago me and Tariq met on the actionscript.org forums and we started exchanging code and creating silly game prototypes. After some time we created a prototype for a boids based space shooter, which later became the Last Jungle In Sector 17.".

He continues on the game: "At first we thought that we'd just create a small quick game, but then ideas started flowing "We should have some story", "It's too generic, we need something new", "The engine is too slow for big battles, we need to rewrite"... and it kept growing. There were huge holes in the development process for many personal reasons and there was also school and work, but we kept at it.".


Last Jungle In Sector 17 - Features Trailer Vimeo

Last Jungle In Sector 17 - Developer Commentary YouTube


"This spring Tariq's school ended and we saw that if we want to finish the project we'd need some funding to work on it full-time. After doing some calculations, taking into account the savings we already had ourselves, we concluded that a sum of $5000 would help us create the base game before this year ends.

We wouldn't say that we are doing anywhere near great as of now on Kickstarter. We wanted to go in safe, small goal, playable demo (with easy access to it), reasonable backer rewards... We noticed the small visibility right after launch, but following a post on Reddit we calmed down a little.

Well, days later we are still struggling to get attention. When writing this we are 15 days into our Kickstarter, we have managed to get 3850 video views, $979 have been pledged ($400 of that by friends and family) and we have a total of 52 backers. I think a quote from one of our backers Kazurik is fitting here: "At the moment things look bleak however your goal is very reasonable and the game you are building is great.".

So yeah, we didn't come this far to give up just yet." says Lennart.


After a large scale attack on humanities greatest war ships, fighter craft pilot Ryder finds himself stranded alone, without communications, on an abandoned space station from the last peace period. However, soon after the arrival he discovers that he isn’t as alone as he thought – the station is controlled and regulated by an advanced neural network AI ‘Johnny’.

Ryder finds out that Johnny was created to simulate and control the integrate climate system of the rainforest on board the space station, he also learns that Johnny has been cut off from civilization since the war started again 100 years ago. Together they try to work out ways to contact the outside galaxy. Months after Ryder’s arrival the station is found by the enemy fleet, they then have only each other to rely on in order to survive the hostile assault.

Main Features

    Base game
  • Deep story told through in-game dialogue and graphic novel style sections.
  • Zero gravity open space 2D environment.
  • Arcade style space shooter combined with RTS style base building.
  • Huge space battles (500 crafts) through the use of boids.
  • Various allied and enemy units with special abilities like teleportation, EMP wave, kamikazee...
  • Different defense turrets and tactical structures.

  • Stretch goal features
  • Bullet time function which uses the same pool for energy as shields.
  • Colossal enemy ships, which will have their own turrets and different abilities.
  • Special in-game missions.
  • Multiplayer co-op which would enable up to 4 people to play the main campaign.
  • Multiplayer competitive modes which would play like something along the lines of Left 4 Dead and Natural Selection with base building and defensive vs offensive sides.


We are still in early stages of development and right now only have a prototype. There is music, but there are no sound effects, also one might encounter some performance issues. The game is developed for the Flash platform and can be played easily in the browser, the playthrough of the prototype should take about half an hour. To play the demo now, click here (feel free to share the link): http://ljis17.com/prototype/

Selected Articles

    • " What I’m saying is this is an interesting and unique take on a genre long dead in many peoples eyes."
      - Alexander Bradley, Chief Editor of AGR, anythinggeekyreviewed.co.uk
    • "The game gives me flashbacks of the old Subspace game. Give it a look."
      - James Yee, writer of Kickstarter Conversations blog, kickstarter-conversations.com
    • "This has to be amongst the most unique Kickstarters I've yet seen. Showing, yet again, that the Indie scene is where the true creativity is."
      - Elof 'L' Coulsen, writer for PixelJudge, pixeljudge.com


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There are far more images available for Last Jungle In Sector 17, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!


Lennart Rikk
Artist, Designer, Animator

Tariq Makled

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